I'll Make Sure You're Covered

Be prepared for unexpected illnesses, injuries or other medical conditions

If you're an "on the books" employee, you know that a hefty portion of your pre-tax earnings comes out of your check before you ever see it, and goes directly to the IRS. What you may not know is that part of what gets taken out works like an insurance premium on a disability policy. If you find yourself unable to work because of a medical or psychiatric condition, and your disability will last at least a year (or results in death), you (or your dependents) may be entitled to a monthly benefit from the Social Security Administration. If you are found to be disabled by the Social Security Administration, you will also become eligible for Medicare after being entitled to SSD payments for 24 months.

Social Security's definition of disability is a bit complicated. For most people, it boils down to whether they can do any job at all that exists in significant numbers in the economy. For people over 50, the definition is more complicated, and takes into account your past work experience, your "residual functional capacity" (what you are still able to do considering your medical or psychiatric condition) and your educational level.

People considering a claim for Social Security Disability benefits should be aware that in many cases, it takes more than a year after filing to get a favorable decision. You should also be aware that waiting to file your claim for more than 18 months after your disability begins will cause you to lose some of your benefits, even if your claim is successful.

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